Love You With My Life

"Love You With My Life"

Jennay, 5 years old, sits in a funeral home next to her daddy, Joe. Joe explains that her mother is sleeping  and will wake up when she gets to heaven and that God is going to take care of Mommy like Joe takes care of her. So Jennay promises to dance for God, forever, for taking care of Mommy.

     Jennay grows up to be an awesome dancer like her mother was.  Joe trains Jennay all of her life to be the best she can be. But Jennay has a problem. She can't figure out how her style of Modern Dance fits into service for God.

     Joe works hard to provide for her and train her. He even rents the Wildwood Christian Church dining hall for her to practice in, daily.

Unwilling to wait on God's timing, Jennay uses her gift in another way. This leads to tragedy and redemption.