J. F. McFadden - President & CEO


     This whole project and adventure began last century. In the year of our Lord, 1999. I always wanted to say that. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior one evening back in 1999. I had heard somewhere that when you get saved, God gives you a gift. Well, for me, that couldn't be more true.  Anyway.. 

     The very next morning, I woke up with a poem in my head. It was so good that I grabbed something and immediately starting writing it down. I titles it MOBILITY & SECURITY. You can read it at with other Christian poetry. It is the most basic of poetry with a message about the greatest importance on earth.  You want to talk about God's timing? It was 17 years later until God told me what the poem really meant. Each morning, in 1999, I had something else in my head to write down. But if I didn't right it down right away, it was gone.

     God also gave me a vision of a charity He wants me to build. It's called Fort Magdalene. He even woke me up, one morning,  to draw the logo. I have the perfect location for it and will make it all known very soon.

     Then God had me read through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Not the online version. I read through the hard copies. Books, for you who don't remember those. Every single one. I pulled out all of the words that rhyme with "ate" and wrote a poem. It's over 200 lines long and has over 200 rhyming words. And that's the short version. I'm still adding to it.  This poem has a special purpose to it also. It's the Bible written as a poem. I titled it OF KNOWLEDGE AND SIN. You can also find it at with other Christian poetry.

     Then God revealed His biggest gift to me. As I would listen to Christian radio, certain songs would cause a Movie or TV Episode to write itself in my head. It would start from the last few minutes of the film and write backwards. Each time I hear that song, I would get more script to write. Eventually I would get the opening credits. Yes, God makes my scripts write backwards. And people say God has no since of humor. But, at least, I know it's God doing the writing. Only He has been to the end, already. 

     I can't read well and really can't type as well as a 5th grader. But, God still chose me to have these gifts. And I plan to use them for His good and share them with as many people as I can. For whom much has been given, much is required. So I plan to make a lot of movies. I've been writing since 1999 and I have 154 titles, so far.

     I plan to make movies, win souls for God, make money and give most of it to charity, and get my reward when I go to Judgement. A "Well Done" from God is worth more to me than all the gold on this or any other planet.

Join Me!!

"Be Well, Be Blessed, Be His"

A Little More About Me


Born In St.Louis, MO

The Grandson of John & Nadine McFadden


Raised In Detroit, MI

Until I was 17 years old.


At Age 17 Joined The U.S. Army

Over 10 years of Service to my Country.


Landed In Augusta, GA

This is where God wants me to be.


Accepted Jesus Christ In 1999

The Best Decision I've ever made. The Best Day of my life.


J. F. McFadden, Inc. & Faithful Flix

Now the hard work begins.

J. F. McFadden, Incorporated

 J. F. McFadden Incorporated is partnered with Small Business and Charity. Our motto is "Beyond The Top Floor" because that's where we plan to take our Businesses and Charities.