We Profit Together

How We Make Money



Faithful Flix is a movie studio and production company, so we have multiple possible revenue streams. In our future plans, we visualize building a movie studio in Augusta, Georgia to assist with our content creation and films. So there is the potential for a real estate play and rent revenues from other producers and studio rentals. We also create films, so our revenue streams include box office revenues, license revenues, merchandise revenues, and other possible revenue streams associated with movie production and distribution.

It is our goal to partner with our fans and build a world-class team of content producers and filmmakers to create competitive and engaging content! Because of the structure of our company, YOU the fans are the ENGINE that drives everything so we have the unique ability to partner with, and be hired by, other studios to promote and create movies! The possible revenue streams are endless, but at the end of the day our job is to look for ways to be profitable and create long lasting revenue streams for OUR company and our INVESTORS…YOU!

How You Benefit Financially



With any investment, there’s risk involved and it is impossible to see the future. With that being said, if you can’t afford to lose 100% of your investment, we’re asking you to not make the investment or to make a smaller investment. We want to be responsible and we want you to be responsible too. But if you can bear the risk, and you’re excited about Faithful Flix, what we stand for, and our vision is YOUR VISION then please join us! The top 10 grossing faith based films combined brought in over $1 Billion Dollars in revenue, so we believe there is a market and that Faithful Flix has a plan to thrive in it.

We hope to achieve profitability in the future and create a 10X – 100X return for our investor(s), that’s our dream and what we are aiming for. When you invest you actually purchase stock and own shares of the company, so you get to share in the projects and the revenue streams through potential company profits.

When you invest in Faithful Flix, you’re going to be doing something great because we’re going to use some of those funds to help non-profits, feed starving children, and to educate people in developing countries. We’re also going to make and invest in family based content with a mission.