Wondering what do I actually get as an Investor and Part Owner Faithful Flix?

Here are a few Benefits:

  • This is not a donation, you actually own STOCK in our company so you have the potential for upside and a return on your investment.
  • You become part of our company and family, and with that comes insider information and special invites that the public does not have access to. For instance, we may attend a faith based film festival and hold a special event or gathering there…and you’ll be invited.
  • You’ll be asked to give your opinion, guidance, and time to assist us as we steer the company in a Godly direction and invest in, or produce, faith based projects. This may be through social media chats, surveys, company wide calls, or special volunteer only events.
  • You’ll get access like never before. You may be able to become an extra in our films. You may be able to visit the set through contests and special offers. You may be able to see screeners, trailers, and behind the scenes footage from directors, producers, and actors before anyone else has that opportunity.
  • You’ll get notified about how the company is doing and where your company is headed regarding projects and investments.
  • You’ll have access to work with us and let us hear your VOICE.
  • You’ll also get access to special Faithful Flix merchandise, podcasts, and special content.
  • And last but not least, you’ll be making a difference by doing Kingdom work. It is our mission and goal to be Biblically accurate in everything we do, from creating faith based content that tells people about Christ to also assisting organizations and Non-Profits around the world in feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and ministering to them about how they can receive salvation….AND YOU WILL BE A PART OF ALL OF IT.

More Investor Benefits



 What happens when you become a Faithful Flix shareholder? Great question. The SEC regulates securities offerings, so rest assured that we’ll be required to post our financial statements and have some mandated level of transparency. You’ll actually get a digital stock certificate showing that you own shares in the company. You’ll also get access to exclusive events and owner benefits. You’ll be able to voice your opinion on creative decisions and participate in the film making process like you’ve never done before…we might even have some opportunities for YOU to get on the BIG SCREEN! 

Make An Impact

Are you tired of just making comments on social media that never have an impact? Tired of just critiquing what other filmmakers are doing? Well now’s your chance to change all that! Join thousands of other fans who feel that same desire to make an impact…who feel “Called Higher” to do more, be more, and create MORE!

A Christian Fan Owned Movie Studio, built to glorify God and to spread the gospel…there’s power in numbers. We’re waiting on you…don’t wait anymore!

Become a Participant, not a Spectator

 Our goal is to give our community, the FANS, the opportunity to experience movie making like they’ve never experienced before! Our goal is to build a community of passionate Christ followers, listen to them, and then give them exactly what they WANT! Now you can be a part of the revolution by becoming a Participant instead of always a spectator. If you feel like GOD is calling you to do more, to help create great content, then Sign Up For Free or Make an Investment NOW! If an Investment Round is Open, the Invest Now button will take you to that page. If not, it will take you to a form where you can sign up to be notified when the Next Round Opens!